What are a Mobile-Responsive Website and the Importance of it

When a website is mobile responsive, the design, layout, and content responds to or adapts accordingly based on the size of the screen the users are using. As such, a mobile responsive website automatically transforms to fit the device of the user. Best still, it doesn’t matter if it is viewed in a portrait or a landscape position. There are a few screen sizes that mobile responsive format has been aimed at: the desktop monitor, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

In case you wonder why it is so important, a mobile responsive website will be one of your most important online tools by end of 2018. Due to the rapidly increased number of smartphone users to date, a report by Reuters published its prediction at 75% of the Internet users come from mobile devices. This means that more users got online to search for information that they need. A good mobile responsive website design will provide users with a better user interface and improves its user experience.

3 Reasons Why Websites Are Vital for Small Businesses in Singapore

We all know that running your own business is not a simple easy task. The list of things to do is always endless and you should never neglect your online website presence. To start off your business, you will need to design a professional corporate logo, business name cards, corporate brochure and mobile responsive website. It is very important to position your company online with an impressive and professional website. Most importantly, it is to gain respect and trust from your customers so that they want to inquire more about your products or services. There is a saying: 你不理财,财不理你 (If you don’t manage your money well; they will eventually abandon you). It goes the same with your website. They are your online representation of what you offer and they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long!

The design of your landing page is important

Every page of your website tells a story and the design layout must be properly executed. We live in a world where digital technology advances faster than we could possibly imagine. More SMEs are getting online and you need an impressive website design to ‘wow’ your prospects/ leads before they start reading through your stories. They will leave your website almost immediately if your website doesn’t reflect the kind of impression and experience that you are offering. Like it or not, they will compare, judge and make a decision before they call/ email you for a meeting or for more information. Let’s face it; you’ll do the same to all your vendors.

Searching for contractors, suppliers, and service providers aren’t like the olden days anymore

We used to flip through the thick yellow book and other sources to look for a few suppliers, call them up (maybe arrange for a meeting) to check what they do exactly and tell them what we need. These days, we all do it through desktop; best still, by smart phones (anytime, anywhere). Your website will do most of the initial ‘talking’ and present. What’s more critical is that when your prospects call and start asking you for more information, they are considered very hot Lead. They’d found you online, browsing through your web pages, read what you offered and very likely, they are engaged by the impression and presentation of your website.

No Website or Badly Designed Website will lose more business opportunities

It is clear that if we don’t have a website or having an outdated design website can be very bad for businesses. No website means lesser opportunities and you often have to spend a lot more on unnecessary traveling to meet the wrong prospects. However, having a badly designed website can be far worse than no website. It not only misrepresented who you are, it leaves a bad taste and bad impression. You want to be professional and not slack.

At BDC, we provide One-Stop all round solutions from Logo to name cards, brochure design to catalogue, website design to maintenance. You do what you do best, while we take good care of your online web presence. Having a website professionally done and managed is not as expensive as what you think. We made it very affordable and we get it done in a matter of 1-3 weeks instead of months. Our packages are very simple, extremely flexible for SMEs in Singapore and we focus very much on design professionalism. You need to know that DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY IS OUR CORE.

If you like to meet us up, please feel free to call or email us and we will get back to you very soon.