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One of the toughest challenges is to get Qualified Sales Leads!
Every day, invaluable time and money are spent in an effort to generate more sales leads,
in the hopes that it will generate more sales revenue.


Here is perhaps what you have done so far:

  • You spend money on blasting email marketing.
  • Outsourced direct mailer distribution to households
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Sending printed mailers out by the thousands of copies
    • Often ended up in the rubbish bin…
    • You need to spend a minimum sum on design and printing
    • You need to spend minimum mailing charges
    • But which area are you targeting correctly?
  • Cold Callings (one of the worse thing you can annoy people easily!)
  • Rushing out early for breakfast networking hoping to get more referrals
  • Considering TV Commercial but you have limited budget
    • You don’t know which channel is suitable because we often switch channels during TV Commercials
  • Bus and Taxi Advertisement is too Expensive (Design/ Production/ min. 3 Months?)
  • Magazine Ads! You often look at the shelves and ask yourself, which magazines are you going to target on. A few thousands of dollars on each magazine each month, hoping someone sees your advertisement.
  • Newspaper Ads! Unless you have the budget to advertise every day. It’s cheaper to go black and white, limited space, but who are your targeted audiences?

All of the above is a great challenge simply because you are looking for customers.


We Know How To Find Your Customers


TOTAL SOLUTION – Google Search Engine Marketing

Sales leads are the HOTTEST when the prospects come looking for you. Today we are all living in the digital world where everyone is using his or her mobile devices to surf the Internet. In today’s world, everyone does an online search for everything that they need. Research shows 90% of the local search performed on a search engine is using Google Singapore, that is how prospects come looking for you! Our solutions bridge prospects to you by relevant search results marketing and we provide a Total Digital Design Platform to engage your prospects.





We provide a total solution for Sales Leads Generation and Management Services.
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What is Google Adwords (Pay-Per-Click aka PPC)?

Google Adwords (Search Network), is Google’s online marketing and advertising program. This program is systemised and developed to help you market your products or services to the corporation in Singapore who are searching for it.

We can help you bring in more relevant website visitors, increase your phone inquiries and write-in leads. This way of advertising; Pay-Per-Click aka PPC, allows you to only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visited your website or made an inquiry call to you. Under Google Search Network, Pay-Per-Click also means that if there is no visitor to your website, you don’t have to pay anything.



How it works?

1. Every day, billions of internet users use Google Search Engine to search for something.
2. Many of your potential customers need your products or services your company is providing.
3. We identify and target your audiences with the Right Keywords and Ad’s Content so that it is more relevant and not misleading.
4. Only when your potential customers search online for that particular products or services in the Google Singapore Search Engine, your ad will then appears on Google Singapore Search Results.
5. Your potential customers see your ad and your competitors’ ads.
6. Because your ad’s content is more relevant to their expected search result, therefore they are very likely to click on your ad for more information.
7. Your potential customer visited your website and eventually send you an inquiry about what you can offer.

Why Google Adwords (Pay-Per-Click)?

Google Adwords PPC

Other Media


  • Business enquiries looking for you

  • You only Pay when someone visited your website
  • You set your budget
  • Only 2 hours to get to the Top 3 rankings
  • You know how your prospects found you
  • Full Control
  • 1 media (Search Network)
    (We manage everything for you)
  • You looking for business enquiries
    (Cold Calls, Direct Mailers, Door-to-Door, Overhead Cost, Commission)
  • Huge cost involved
  • SEO will take 3 to 6 months to be on first page
    (Even if you are SEO No.1 position, you will still be at the 4th position on Google first page)
  • You do not know where they come from
  • No Control
  • More than 1 media to advertise
    (Time and effort spent on design, print cost & Huge advertising fees)
  • 1 media (Search Network)
    (We manage everything for you)


We only work with Google Adwords PPC and the rationale is clear!
In 2013, Google Continues To Dominate In Most Countries
We Walk The Talk
BDC Design Solutions + Google Adwords Management = Quality Sales Leads

There is a difference in the visitors’ type and their behavior between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Traffic and Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing aka SEM) Traffic. SEO’s traffic is often browsing for information, whereas SEM/ PPC/ Pay-Per-Click traffic is often potential customers searching for certain particular products or services they need or want to buy.

Unfortunately, without an in-depth knowledge and a good Google Adwords Management skill, you will realize that your budget will be used up very quickly and unnecessarily. This happened as you attracted traffics that do not generate sales leads or inquiries. These unnecessary traffics clicked your ad, landed on your website, see things that are not relevant to their search or even your website is badly designed (poor user experience), they simply click the “Back” button and bounced off your website. As such, you lost your budget and a potential customer. In most cases, people that search online for a particular product or service are very highly to take action for an inquiry if your website design is very engaging and what you offer is compelling.

An experienced Google Adwords Management team frees your time doing what you should do best; they spend your budget only at the right audiences, time-to-time maintain your ad position at the top ranking and direct quality leads to you instead of promising you traffics with no sales leads.


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