An Education Services Aggregator

The Customer: 

An Education Services Aggregator focused to enable parents in making holistic decisions about their child’s development journey, academic and non-academic, with ease and strategic insights


The Need: 

The need arose with the idea of simplifying the parental experience of making holistic decisions about their child’s development journey as these was seriously lacking in India due to the sheer size of the nation.
The Challenges: The key challenge was to bring together the best values and experiences of an educational search engine, social media and e-commerce, all focused only on the holistic education for the customer’s child on a single platform as a one-stop solution.


The Outcome:

The platform allows connectivity between parents and partner providers, in an efficient, unique, community driven method, providing value for the time, effort and money the clients invest in decision making. The platform remains transparent and neutral, relies on the clients experiences and learning, and helps them engage and connect with a larger parental community and service providers, all on one portal.