What are a Mobile-Responsive Website and the Importance of it

When a website is mobile responsive, the design, layout, and content responds to or adapts accordingly based on the size of the screen the users are using. As such, a mobile responsive website automatically transforms to fit the device of the user. Best still, it doesn’t matter if it is viewed in a portrait or a landscape position. There are a few screen sizes that mobile responsive format has been aimed at: the desktop monitor, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

In case you wonder why it is so important, a mobile responsive website will be one of your most important online tools by end of 2018. Due to the rapidly increased number of smartphone users to date, a report by Reuters published its prediction at 75% of the Internet users come from mobile devices. This means that more users got online to search for information that they need. A good mobile responsive website design will provide users with a better user interface and improves its user experience.